Go Green batteries, iRecycled.com and Call2Recycle.org Programs

The power of green has been encapsuled!

Unknown-7Our goal of maintaining a “green lifestyle” has made us a very picky company. Wanting to better everyone’s life and doing our part in reducing pollution, reducing toxic waste for both our water sources and our landfills, doesn’t have to be such an arduous task. Rather, it should be something we can all easily participate in. So, we got to research and found some reliable, easy ways to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. PerfPower of EcoReady Corporation, has eliminated the dangers of disposing batteries by creating a lead-mercury-cadmium-free, and RECYCLING free alkaline battery. The Go Green batteries perform as well as any other leading brands, and have the same a 5-year shelf life. PerfPower along with the United States Postal Service and, Battery Solutions created the free-shipping, free recycling initiative of: iRecycled.com exclusively for Go Green batteries. At It’s All About Green we also love green products and free programs, so we joined our own recycling program, the Call2Recycle.org program. This is the only free program available in North America for the recycling of all types of batteries and cellphones.  Since 1994, when the program was founded, Call2Recycle.org has provided a free and safe way to dispose of toxic materials and chemicals, such as those polluting our landfills. This program is open to both business and communities, involving everyone in a responsible, sustainable way of living. Also, on their site, they feature a convenient zip code search to help people find the closest drop-off location.
For more information please visit www.Call2Recycle.org