Eine’s Uptown Campaign


It’s All About Green Store front

The U.K’s most prominent commercial graffiti artist, and a white house favorite, Ben Flynn, better known as, Eine or Ben Eine, visited Washington Heights in the middle of the night while our unsuspected residents slept. Waking up to the makeover of the century at their door steps, many were shocked, although differentbusinesses participated in the sought-after project.

Unknown-5We too were surprised since, even though we knew of Eine’s campaign to take over New York’s uptown, we were not sure what his message would be or what letter
each store would get. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find our store
complemented with a bright “A” and a “G,” which represent our commitment to ALL
GREEN products, services, and practices. Eine has been working on his recurring
theme of leaving messages on different famous metropolitan cities such as
London, Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, San Francisco and others, for many years. This
got started by his well-known “Alphabet Street” in London. So we thank him NY’s
Uptown the new Alphabet St.!