10 Ways To Green Your Life

Here are 10 simple ways to respect and love mother earth, reduce your ecological footprint and bring some good karma to your life:

  1. – Walk, bike, or take public transit whenever possible.

  2. -Choose green electricity, some companies give you the option to purchase electricity generated by wind and solar power for a small rate surcharge.

  3.  -Avoid short airplane trips, take a bus or train instead.

  4. -Reduce your food footprint by buying from your local farmer’s market.

  5. -Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products.

  6. -Take shorter, less frequent showers; you’ll save water and energy.

  7. -Recycle all your plastic, paper, glass, aluminum and electronics.

  8. -Buy recycled products, particularly those labeled “post-consumer waste”

  9. -Adopt energy-saving habits such as unplugging electronics when they are not in use.

  10. -Regularly look for and fix leaks. Reduces water waste.